Annual Public Meeting – Nov 30th @ 7pm

Join us for our Annual Public Meeting

Thursday, November 30, 2023, 19:00
Dominion City Brewing
5510 Canotek Rd Unit 15


Welcome and Opening Remarks: President

Financial Report: Treasurer

Urban Winter Trails Alliance Update: Gov’t Relations Director

Website and Francophone Outreach: Communications Director

Operations: Operations Director


Thank you for a great season!

Another amazing winter season has come to an end and our equipment is stored away for the summer. Once again, thousands of happy outdoor enthusiasts enjoyed our 20+km of winter recreation Trail. 

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your continued support.  As you might know, we receive about half of our expense requirements from the City and the NCC combined. The remaining half is split between our sponsorship program and our GoFundMe campaign for individual donations. Community support continues to be incredible and vital. 

Enjoy the off-season (non-winter) and the Trail in its temporary biking format.  Talk to you again in the Fall. We will have some exciting news to share.

End of Season

Unfortunately we’ve reached that time of year when we have to stop grooming. We hope you had a wonderful season. Thank you so much for your support. Enjoy what remains of the base!

Trail Conditions – Mar 10

Thanks for your patience while I was away on holidays! I am now back to keep you updated on trail conditions.

The grooming team was out this evening along the full length of the trail, from Tweddle in the east to Hillsdale in the west. They are reporting fair to good conditions.

Trail Conditions – Mar 1

The trail was groomed from end-to-end yesterday evening – should be great for skiing today! Check out the details on Nordic Pulse.