January 28 – Evening Trail Report

A big shout out to Groomer Bob! Grooming was successful this afternoon; however, classic tracks could not be set very deep. Skate skiing is good, classic skiing is better on stretch from Radison Rd. to Green’s Creek. Temperature will steadily rise this evening so wax will range from green to blue. The snow temperature will remain cold until early morning.

January 29 – Trail Report

Trail is hardpacked but walkable. Approaches to the trail in various locations are icy, bumpy and rather dangerous.

Noon- Radisson west – good walking and 2 sets of classic tracks have been created. Looks icy and fast but definitely skiable.  From the bridge east to 10th line, much the same.


January 28 –

The trails were groomed again yesterday which worked some of the jagged ice down. Changing conditions overnight have made it hard and icy again particularly on the approaches to the trail. This afternoons mild temperatures should soften the trail. Standby for updates.