New Funding Campaign Started!

Ski Heritage East has launched a new GoFundMe campaign for 21/22. 

Our objective is to acquire a new SkiDoo to help us maintain the level of Trail grooming our users have come to expect. 

The increased Trail length and grooming frequency we initiated in 2020/21 have stretched our equipment and volunteer groomers to the max and we need a new sled to help us out.

Please follow the link below to help us out!

End of the season

It appears that spring is here and our skiing season is coming to an end. Grooming is done for the season. See the latest assessment of trail conditions below:

Trail Conditions – Mar 12

Update: Full grooming of the trail is complete.

Grooming in progress this morning!

Trail Conditions – Mar 5

Fresh grooming last night – skate and classic – along the entire trail. Great conditions. Get out there and enjoy it today before the warm weather and rain tomorrow!! 🙁